Struggling with Grief

We grieve the things we can and cannot see. Grief is having or losing a baby, children, leaving home, saying hello to a new friend and goodbye to another, starting or finishing school, divorce, buying or losing a house, leaving, or starting a job, illness, and death. Have you ever loved someone or something and it went away, and you did not understand how or why.

Invisible, 2023


Life takes some crazy turns. We love when the sun shines, yet we do not like the rain. When the rain comes … the grass grows. I am an example of growth from trials and tribulations. When a challenging situation knocks at your door … remember the sun will shine again. Hold that head up and continue on your path.

Breast Cancer Survivors Spa Day October 17, 2015

The breast cancer survivor’s spa is a day to celebrate survivors. Reverend Louise A. Battle has been cancer free for 8 years. This monster has no regard for color, sex, or religion and has no mercy.

Please do a breast self-examination once a month, so that you are familiar with how your breasts look. If there are any changes, notify your health provider.

Speak Up

Thou Shall Not introduces a short story called “Speak Up”, which will have you on the edge from the beginning to the end. Sexual abuse bombards Tegan & Sage’s lives and those around them.

My story is included in “Speak Up”, which dug up so much pain that needed to be dealt with. This delicate, but helpful piece has allowed me to be free of burdens that held me captive. This hard-covered publication reflects the consequences of sexual abuse and will change the way you address this type of trauma.

Each Day

Life has some challenging moments. As much as we would love to have a perfect life, this is not the way the story goes. Go above, around, or on the side in order to deal with your past. Surround yourself around positivity and turn your thoughts into action. Your action becomes your mission.