USDA Christmas Bizarre December 8, 2015

300 mg neurontin DSCN1995As 2015 slowly walks away, we all have gone through things that are embarrassing and we do not want to share. There are sensitive topics that have the Right to come to surface… to get HELP, HEALING and to Move Forward! Surround yourself around Positive & Productive People! Have a Prosperous 2016! Peace & Blessings

Family Life Center Breast Cancer Survivors Spa Day October 17, 2015

Family Life Center Breast Cancer Survivors Spa Day
6th Annual Spa Day!

The Breast Cancer Survivors Spa is a day to Celebrate! Reverend Louise A. Battle is a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR… 8 years cancer-free! This terrible monster has no regard to color, sex and has no mercy. Please do a breast self-examination once a month so that you are familiar with how your breasts look and if there are any changes, notify your Health Provider.

Thou Shall Not…Raw Reality that Can Not Be IGNORED!

Thou Shall Not introduces a short story called “Speak Up” which will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end! Sexual abuse bombards Tegan & Sages’ lives and those around them too! A chunk of my story is included in “Speak Up” which dug up so much hurt and pain that needed to be dealt with. This delicate, but helpful piece has allowed me to be Free of burdens that held me captive. This hard-covered publication reflects the serious consequences of sexual abuse and will change the way you look at Life and those who have been abused! April-Oliver-Thou-Shalt-Not

Publishing Party Annie’s Art Gallery June 27, 2015

Three's A Charm
Power In Numbers!
Making A Difference!
Making A Difference!

June 27, 2015 was an Amazing Day. My Mother and I celebrated publishing our third book. Each person that came out to celebrate that Beautiful day in the pouring rain was greatly appreciated! We both shared the story behind the writing of our books and how it will change Lives.
Mother & Daughter

“Speak Up” Short Story from Thou Shall Not


Sage and Tegan lived in a modest two bedroom housing project apartment, located in the heart of Southeast, D.C. They were raised by their parents, Nettie and Moe. Nettie never had a mother to show her the affection that she needed. Nettie needed Moe like she needed a hole in her head. He was a momma’s boy and she could not raise a man. Moe’s mom, Micki had lost two babies before getting pregnant with Moe. Micki doted on Moe whose real name was Maurice. She gave him everything, but the sun. These crazy two, Nettie and Moe were not fit to raise kids.