Life can take some crazy turns. We Love when the sun shines, yet we do not like the rain. When the rain comes…the grass grows. I am an example of Growth from many trials and tribulations. When a challenging situation knocks at your door…Remember the sun will shine again! Hold your head up and push forward!DSCN1988

Thou Shall Not…Raw Reality that Can Not Be IGNORED!

Thou Shall Not introduces a short story called “Speak Up” which will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end! Sexual abuse bombards Tegan & Sages’ lives and those around them too! A chunk of my story is included in “Speak Up” which dug up so much hurt and pain that needed to be dealt with. This delicate, but helpful piece has allowed me to be Free of burdens that held me captive. This hard-covered publication reflects the serious consequences of sexual abuse and will change the way you look at Life and those who have been abused! April-Oliver-Thou-Shalt-Not

Each Day

ChessLife can have some challenging moments. As much as we all would love to have a Perfect life, this is not the way the story goes. Go above, around, or on the side in order to get pass things and to get goals accomplished. Surrounding Yourself around Positive People is a MUST! Turn Your Thoughts into Actions. Your Actions into Your Mission!


Freedom!The worst thing you can do is keep those secrets deep within. You tell yourself over and over again that you did something wrong and you repress the hurt and pain in the back of your mind. You cannot heal without exposing the Truth in some way shape or form. Tell someone you love or call a Help Line right away. I have bared my soul in order to help others. I am Free!