Freedom!The worst thing you can do is keep those secrets deep within. You tell yourself over and over again that you did something wrong and you repress the hurt and pain in the back of your mind. You cannot heal without exposing the Truth in some way shape or form. Tell someone you love or call a Help Line right away. I have bared my soul in order to help others. I am Free!


A Mother meets you first

Holds you close

Nurtures you

Teaches you to talk

Holds your hand as you walk

Shows you how to dance

Let’s you know when to take a Stance

Protects and Provides

Says, “You are beautiful inside!”

A Mother will love you no matter what.


Can you see me

I am in pieces

I am ruthless

I am heartless

I don’t care

I am broken

For all that you think I am

All that I am not

For all you think I don’t do

All that I did

I am broken

You see me put together

I know the truth

Piece by piece

Day by day

I am pieced together

I am broken


Dark, Cold-No one to hold

Secret kept in-Not told

Dirty, Mean

Smells like a fiend

I can’t believe it’s me

What will I do now?

How can I pick myself up from the ground?

Turn this frown into a smile

I’ll tell someone who can help

Instead of keeping it to myself


Don’t Be Afraid, We Have Come Too Far

Dedicated To All Rape Victims

Not For You

I’m not what you want me to be,

You can’t get pass what your eyes see.

Why can’t you accept me?

For who I want to be.

Not made or fixed to your perfection,

Therefore, you give rejection.

You are so rude and crude,

No one ever knows your mood.

I can’t be me, a shining star,

Because you can’t figure out who you are!


That’s why I’m not for you!