Family Life Center Breast Cancer Survivors Spa Day October 17, 2015

Family Life Center Breast Cancer Survivors Spa Day
6th Annual Spa Day!

The Breast Cancer Survivors Spa is a day to Celebrate! Reverend Louise A. Battle is a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR… 8 years cancer-free! This terrible monster has no regard to color, sex and has no mercy. Please do a breast self-examination once a month so that you are familiar with how your breasts look and if there are any changes, notify your Health Provider.

Publishing Party Annie’s Art Gallery June 27, 2015

Three's A Charm
Power In Numbers!
Making A Difference!
Making A Difference!

June 27, 2015 was an Amazing Day. My Mother and I celebrated publishing our third book. Each person that came out to celebrate that Beautiful day in the pouring rain was greatly appreciated! We both shared the story behind the writing of our books and how it will change Lives.
Mother & Daughter