“Speak Up” Short Story from Thou Shall Not


Sage and Tegan lived in a modest two bedroom housing project apartment, located in the heart of Southeast, D.C. They were raised by their parents, Nettie and Moe. Nettie never had a mother to show her the affection that she needed. Nettie needed Moe like she needed a hole in her head. He was a momma’s boy and she could not raise a man. Moe’s mom, Micki had lost two babies before getting pregnant with Moe. Micki doted on Moe whose real name was Maurice. She gave him everything, but the sun. These crazy two, Nettie and Moe were not fit to raise kids.

One thought on ““Speak Up” Short Story from Thou Shall Not”

  1. Thou Shall Not was an eye opener for me from the first page.
    As I read this book I began to see how easy a young mind can be challenged by family, friends and your environment. At first I had to go back and forth to get the characters right, but as I went further along in the story, it came full circle. This book should be read by young ladies and men, also adults so that you can get a understanding of how difficult life can be and the decisions you make can cost you your life. Very important book for our vunerable society! Never be Afraid to Speak Out and Speak the Truth!
    Thank you April for sharing these stories and I am looking forward to reading more of what you have to offer.

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